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Best Practice – for Practice

7 tips for best coaching results during practice - by Coach Mike Hurley

When teaching youth sports you need to plan your practice sessions carefully.  Some good rules of thumb to ensure that the children gain from each practice and that the team develops and improves are as follows:

1. Do not let too much time go without engaging the children in a drill or lesson.

2. Break your practice up into sections.   Warm up, skills drills, lesson, fun / game.  Keep the practice flowing through these sessions.  Children will appreciate and benefit from the routine.

3. Do not spend the entire practice time on lessons.  It will be boring for the children and you will lose their attention.

4. Repeat the key lessons taught at the end of each practice and the start of the next practice.

5. Separate children that will not get along or will fight.

6. Do include some mini/short games or competitive elements so that the children are comfortable playing in a competitive environment.

7. Continuously reinforce proper sportsmanship.